Clients results 

Talk is cheap, so we will let our clients results do the talking 


“Thankful to be apart of such an amazing team. Adam is the greatest coach. I recently did my first powerlifting meet & without his help I wouldn’t of achieved my first place win. Thank you for everything Adam!.”​
Megan Murray, client


“Starting off working out I was really nervous. I did not have much experience, and I had no clue where to start. ATP helped me to form a work out that I was comfortable with and that would also get me the results that I wanted to see. Each week I began to hit a new goal and gain a little more confidence in myself. Thanks ATP!”​
Sam Cyr, Client 


"They helped me with trying new things with my programming and helping me becoming stronger in all aspects. We are like a family and we take care of each other and help eachother become our best self!"

Edllay Martins, Client. 


“ATP helped me to realize my true potential! After signing up for coaching I began to hit new personal records right away. My goal for many years was to hit a 315lb bench press and I achieved a 30lb PR in no time with Adam's help, increasing my max bench to 320lb.”​
Steven Kneeland, Client 


“For months I was following the classic 'Bro Split' and was wondering why I wasn't making any progress. But after talking with Advanced Training and Powerlifting, I gained knowledge about the importance of compound lifts among many other things such as recovering previous injuries and setting up for success. Since then, I've been able to gain confidence in my lifts, challenge myself, and achieve new personal bests. If you're looking for coaching/training that is customized for your specific goals while providing knowledge and understanding - ATP is the place!”​
Melody Slater, Client 


I came from another personal trainer who didn't really specialize in powerlifting. I ended up just guessing warmup and numbers at my first meet. I knew ATP was different as soon as I had my first workout with Adam. I'm competing in 10 days, and I'm doing heavy doubles with my previous max reps, and he only had 6 weeks. Adam checks in with me daily, reviews the lift videos I send, and provides useful feedback. I plan to stick with ATP as far as my lifting journey takes me. (Usapl Raw Nats and whatever else)

Lisa Schornagel, Client


I recently joined the ATP team and couldn't be happier with my decision. Adam has proven himself to be versatile in his approach to coaching and programming. My workouts have been tailored specifically for me in my quest for peak performance. As a former Division 1 athlete, I can attest that the program Adam designed combines the right level of intensity and recovery.

Adam's accessibility and responsiveness allows me to address deficiencies more quickly and adapt my training to yield greater results. I would recommend ATP to anyone who wants to improve their health, wellness, and overall strength.

Stefan Sjoberg, Client