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Independent trainers  

Learn More About Being An Independent Trainer at ATP Gym 


As a personal trainer, you’ve come to the right place. ATP gym promotes a unique perspective on independent personal training. We invite you to run your business directly within our facilitiy. What makes us unique: not only do we not charge you rent, but we also don’t ask for a share of your profits, there are no hidden fees for you or your clients. The ONLY requirement is that you, the trainer, and your clients must be members of ATP Gym. Yes it is that easy.


We believe it is only fair to work cooperatively, instead of charging trainers rent or, even worse, kicking them out for trying to make a living. Our philosophy is that trainers should have the freedom to start and build their businesses without burdensome rent and fees. We allow you full access to all equipment on the premises with 24/7 access; although, if there is a class or an event, certain sections may be temporarily limited or off limits. 

Trainers will have to sign a contract agreeing to the terms that both you and your clientele must have gym memberships, if you train a client without them having a gym membership you will be responsible for paying their membership fees. 

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